Osteria Cotto e Mangiato

Antipastini Restaurant and Bar

Fresh Ingredients, Timeless Flavors, Exquisite Pairings.

Aperitivo Hour Everyday, for Everybody

Cin cin!

Original Italian Flavor

Discover a world where Italy’s age-old culinary traditions meet San Diego’s modern charm. Welcome to Osteria Cotto e Mangiato, the city’s first Antipastini Restaurant & Bar.

Enjoy Our Homemade Pasta

Owned by Andrea Provino, San Diego’s celebrated restaurateur, Osteria Cotto e Mangiato is a tribute to authentic Italian, housed in front of the historic El Cortez Hotel.

Discover Our Menu

Savor the flavors of Italy with our diverse range of antipastini, piatti, and bibite, designed and curated by Andrea Provino.

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Join us for special evenings that blend modern Italian cuisine with San Diego’s vibrant culture, on your terms.